Suvla is a family owned wine producer and viticulture company located in Eceabat along the Çanakkale Strait also known as Dardanelles in the historical Peninsula of Gallipoli. Suvla is named after a bay close to family vineyards in the north coast of the Aegean Sea in Turkey. The vineyard was planted in 2003 by the couple Pınar and Selim Zafer Ellialtı, and named ‘Bozokbağ’ at the first harvest in 2006 after their newborn son Bozok. Suvla crafts wines subtle yet rich in character with elegant and exquisite finishes to complement an extensive range of dishes. These wines exhibit great character as they are situated in a spectacular geographical setting and on a land full of history. In this historical region, the relationship between vines and soil has been going on for centuries.
SUVLA Chardonnay 2013
Gallipoli Peninsula, TURKEY Aromas of tropical fruits, ripe pear, lemon, vanilla. The palate is viscous and mellow, enhancing fragrant aromas, long luscious finish, keeping strong fruit flavours SUVLA Kınalı Yapıncak 2017
Gallipoli Peninsula, TURKEY It has a pale straw-like colour. White peach, pastry and white flowers are dominating together with hints of wet flint stone and peanut. The palate is supple, creamy and crispy
SUVLA Blush Karasakız 2017
Gallipoli Peninsula, TURKEY It has vivid salmon-pink colour and shows aromas of red currant, cherry, dry mint and spices. Bursting with juicy flavours of summer berries and has a clean, lingering finish
SUVLA Merlot 2012
Gallipoli Peninsula, TURKEY Fruity intense aromas of blackberry and ripe plum mixed with spicy and mint notes. Full bodied with structure and length, soft silky tannins with a long glorious finish
SUVLA Cabernet Sauvigon 2012
Gallipoli Peninsula, TURKEY Deep intense aromas of blackberry and blueberry mixed with spicy notes, especially black pepper. Full bodied wine with structure and length, soft silky tannins with a long, lovely finish SUVLA Reserve Cabernet 2011
Gallipoli Peninsula, TURKEY Dynamic, luscious charming finish exhibiting dried apricot, cherry, chocolate, smoky notes and walnut/ lingering impression Aged for 12 months in French oak Barrels
SUVLA Syrah 2017
Gallipoli Peninsula, TURKEY Intense red wine with fragrance aromas of dried figs, black olive with layers of spices, vanilla and laurel. The explosion of fruit and spice nuances is accented by a background of violet notes
SUVLA Reserve Syrah 2011
Gallipoli Peninsula, TURKEY Velvety tannic structure, developing multiple layers of explosive flavours. Various fragrances of cocoa, ripe blueberry, cranberry, black pepper. Aged for 12 months in French oak barrels
SUVLA Karasakız 2017
Gallipoli Peninsula, TURKEY The nose is fresh and fragrant with a hint of balsamic. Soft and round, reminiscent of a young pinot noir with intense plum, strawberry notes with bits of plum dusted in dried herbs
SUVLA Sur 2010 (M/ CS/ CF/ PT)
Gallipoli Peninsula, TURKEY Aromas of blackberry, brambles and green pepper. Flavours of black raspberry, cranberry. Touches of green pepper enmeshed in heavy tannins that persist into the tart, chewy finish.
SUVLA Sur 2013 (M/ CS/ CF/ PT)
Gallipoli Peninsula, TURKEY It shows excellent intensity and depth with a mix of spice, blackberry, mocha and licorice aromas. With an intricate structure and tannins.
SUVLA Reserve Karasakız 2014
Gallipoli Peninsula, TURKEY Light blush in colour. Light on the nose, pencil shavings, hint of smoke and red berries, smoky spice and liquorice. Medium body with smooth finish