During our 20 years’ constant work and production, we have always remained open to innovations and novelties. After establishing the head office of Park Drinks Company in Istanbul, in 2006, a new manufacturing facility was built in Cerkezkoy, in the following year. Since then, we have been manufacturing the first craft beer in Turkey firstly, Pera and now Zikkimm. Totally, at this manufacturing facility we have the capacity to produce 10 milion litres of beer per year. Alongside with the beer production, at our factory in Cerkezkoy, we are also producing high quality energy drinks. Our energy drink brands Royce Energy and Blue Evolution could very rapidly gain unquestionable status of being indespensible part of our lives. Just Royce Energy is being exported in 50 countries worldwide.



In late 18th century, British brewers added large amounts of hops to ale barrels to preserve the freshness of the beer during its journey to India, the export destination. The beer was thus ripened with the intense flavor of hops during the voyage, which inspired a brand-new type of beer. This is how India Pale Ale or IPA, was named. It is the best – selling craft beer in the US, which is the largest craft beer market in the world. Enjoy ZIKKIMM Ipa – the first locally produced Indian Pale Ale.




Not every wheat beer is weiss. This is why we give you ZIKKIMM Weiss-unfiltered yeast, a full finish, a hazy look… Belgian-style wheat bear is known as weiss beer and it is often distinguished with orange or coriander flavors.


Enjoy ZIKKIMM Weiss with a tiny slice of orange.




Here is ZIKKIMM DEEP – the product of the first manufacturing method that was used to produce beer. This unfiltered ale is single-fermented with the yeast of the top foam and offered with an alcohol volume of 8.5%. ZIKKIMM DEEP will indulge beer lovers with its high alcohol content.